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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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- that's my boy.
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and with that ifrnts introduction, history was made, the first openly gay basketball player in the nba. thieves tape up a boy and his grandmother while they steal from an east bay home. and protests as the dalai lama visits the bay area. why these people are not sharing his message of peace. nbc bay area news starts now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer.
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>> and i'm terry mcsweeney. jason collins made history tonight. he made history as the first openly gay player in professional basketball. we're live near stanford. what's the response to collins breaking this barrier? >> reporter: they stay congratulations but they also say what's the big deal, if he's good enough to play basketball he should. he had a steal on 11 minutes on the court that made history. wearing number 46, jason collins became number one. >> a historic moment at staples center as jason collins becomes the first openly gay athlete to play in any of this country's four major professional sports. >> reporter: the 35 year old came out less than a year ago on
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the cover of sports illustrated. but then no team re-signed him until tonight when he took the court with the brooklyn nets against the lakers. >> life is so much better for me. i don't have to hide who i am. >> it doesn't matter where he plays. if he's gay and he's good enough to play, it doesn't matter if he's gay or not. if he gets the job done, what's the problem. >> reporter: that is shared across the area. >> it's great for stanford, for the lgbt community. >> reporter: and this time, carrying history with him. >> it doesn't matter, just be yourself, be your true, authentic self and never be afraid or ashamed or have any fear to be your true, authentic self. >> reporter: and you have to believe that collins won't be the last professional athlete to come out. missouri football player michael sam already did, and he's
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expected to be drafted into the nfl soon. collins made history tonight in a brooklyn jersey. and many people also remember that jackie robinson broke the color-barrier in baseball wearing a brooklyn jersey. we're live tonight in palo alto. nbc bay area news. and chase just mentioned michael sam. congratulations to my friend jason collins. excited to see you do work out there. new at 11:00, police are searching for three men involved in a home invasion robbery this afternoon. and a state senator happened to be in the right place at the right time. authorities say three men pushed their way into the home at about 3:00 this afternoon. a grandmother and grandson were home at the time and both were tied up. they told police that at least
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two of the men were armed with guns. state senator happened to live next door and he told me the boy and grandmother escaped and ran to his house for help. she was shaken and very stressed out as any of us would be after being in the middle of the afternoon in opper middle income neighborhood, having somebody come into their house with weapons, and they were taped up. and he was able to get free, so he came next door. >> we're told the robbers stole a safe as well as other items from the house. crews rushed the grandmother to the hospital as a precaution. she was suffering chest pains. the robbers are described as hispanic. one had a birthmark above his upper lip. the dalai lama is set to speak tomorrow morning after making stops in san francisco and berkeley during the last three days. thousands of people came out to hear him talk about how to achieve happiness. despite the sold-out crowd, not
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everyone is welcoming his visit. dozens of people are protesting his appearance. >> this is an absolute outrage. the dalai lama has an opinion. he's free to teach anything he wants, but once that opinion is imposed on other people it becomes religious discrimination. >> if you lead a compassionate life, then other person will go to heaven. >> earlier this morning, the dalai lama blessed the tibetan center in richmond. he's set to travel to los angeles. halfway around the world there's a great deal of uncertainty in ukraine as that country tries to restore calm after a week of violence. the presidential power was handed to the speaker of the parliament after impeaching president yanukovych yesterday. they are worried that russia will exploit the power vacuum
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and they are worried that the country will fall into a civil war. elections are scheduled to be held in may. the military also vowed to support the new government rather than supporting the ousted president. anti-government protesters are taking no chances tonight. they still control the independence square. hundreds of people formed a human chain on the golden gate bridge today, part of a nationwide protest against the violence in venezuela. you can see protesters there, not blocking foot traffic, but just getting a message out. violence has escalated dramatically in venezuela over the last ten days as demonstrators have taken to the streets clashing with police. big issues include shortages of basic goods and crime rates across the country. >> the reason why we're here, we're asking for awareness. we would like people to find out and get involved on what's going
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on in venezuela right now. it could become a syria or bosnia, all these countries that people got killed because they wanted to spread their opinions. >> according to a non-governmental group, almost 25,000 people were killed there just last year. that's about twice the number of homicides in the united states. a country with less than 10% the population. the family of a man shot and killed by alameda county sheriff's deputies have enlisted the help of a high-profile attorney. he will be filing a case on behalf the family. he says police did not follow standard protocol. last monday, deputies say they were called to the home after a dispute. when they entered, they say the 61-year-old man hit them with a bat, and that's when the deputies opened fire. he says that's not the full story. >> they rushed in, created a
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confrontation and shot this man in his own house. >> no word today on when the federal lawsuit will be filed. san jose has a new plan to deal with the growing homeless situation. putting them up in hotels and motels for years. tomorrow the city council is to consider a plan to lease hotel rooms and allow homeless to day there. the non-profits would offer up these rooms to homeless people for up to five years, along with services to help them find jobs and housing. about 100 homeless people have publicly funded vouchers for subsidized housing but cannot find places that will accept them. the cost to san jose would be about a million dollars a year to house about 60 people. bart trains are running again after friday's train derailment. train service was restored between the concord and pleasant hills stations this morning. one set of tracks still needs to be repaired, and that might stop
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extra trains from running during rush hour. but bart says most riders won't notice any difference in service. saying good-bye to sochi. the olympic flame that burned for 17 days has now been extinguished, bringing the 2014 games to a close. >> they staged a spectacular ceremony tonight. it had an inspired flashback to the opening ceremony and the olympic ring that did not light up. this time they successfully unveiled all five rings. a little humor there. finally, they handed over the olympic flag to south korea, hose of the next olympic games in 2018. russia won the olympic games.
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the runner-up was team usa. >> janelle wang shows us the celebrations tochblts. >> reporter: this has been an incredible two and a half weeks. closing ceremony is wrapping up. a lot of pride and excitement. >> it was incredible. russia did such a great job. opening, closing. the fireworks, amazing, outstanding. >> it's been fantastic to venue, volunteers, and staff. we've had a blast. >> i'll be home in a couple days. i can't wait to spend time with everybody and kind of celebrate this. i've been away for so long. it will be fun to celebrate this with friends and family. >> i'm tired. i clearly have a cold. i'm ready to go home, but i had a blast while i was here. and i can't believe it's over. >> it was pretty unbelievable, i think. we had a lot of good memories and a lot of good times, and i'm
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really happy about the people i shared it with. >> bye-bye. >> reporter: congratulations to russia for a very successful winter olympic games and for winning the most medals and thank you at home for watching. so for the very last time, reporting from the sochi games, i'm janelle wang. i'll see you back in the bay area. goodnight! and coming up at 11:00, you or probably somebody you know, have probably been a victim of fraud. and more security problems for apple. their latest fix may not be enough to keep you safe from hackers. and we're seeing low clouds moving into san francisco. a warm start to the week with 70s on the board, but some big-time storms packing rain and gusty wind. we'll talk about those changes
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when we come right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ two chp officers killed in a
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crash near fresno will be laid to rest tomorrow. officers juan gonzalez and officer law. they were rushing to an accident in fresno county and lost control of their cruiser. they swerved to avoid hitting a pediment their car flipped and landed on its roof killing both officers. governor brown is expected to attend the funeral. apple plans on releasing another update to fix a security flaw with its new operating system. it says other programs may also be affected bay security breach on iphones and ipads. on friday, they released a patch to fix problems with safari. but that didn't fix the entire problem. so another patch is expected to be released soon. you or someone in your household may have been a victim of it, unknowingly giving up your personal information to
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fischers. >> the investigative unit found that hackers are now focussing on vacation rental sites. >> a lot of money can be exchanged on these sites. more than a half million rental homes are listed on sites. victims claim they have lax security and they say that makes for sometimes easy pickings. >> reporter: selling luxurious, private get aways for your family and friends. rental websites like vrbo and home away offer destinations for bay area vacationers, places like lake tahoe, hawaii and wine country. here's how it's supposed to work. click on your ideal rental property, contact the owner, then reserve the booking with a deposit and it's yours, but take
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what happened to helen. >> i had seen none of these e-mails. they had all been responded to by someone else. >> i was one of four people scam thad weekend. >> reporter: so you had your first problem how long ago? >> approximately two years ago. >> reporter: and it happened again this week? >> yes. >> reporter: each is a victim of phishing. helen used to be one of the 2100 bay area residents currently listing a home. she removed her listing after a scammer intercepted her information with prospective renters. >> they said three minutes earlier you said it was available. and the gentleman was very upset. >> reporter: he had already reserved the property with someone posing as helen.
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>> it is ripe for people to be posing as tenants or owners and get money from people. >> reporter: this woman wired several,0 thousand dollars. this facebook page was launched after the ordeal, connecting more victims all over the world. in phishing schemes, they extract personal information stored online. in these cases they impersonate the owner. >> we lost such an amount of business as a result of people who were spooked. and they weren't sure if they were dealing with us, the real property or somebody posing as us. >> reporter: that's what happened to this homeowner. he alerted home away that
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someone was corresponding with his potential renters. >> they were saying somebody phished my e-mail account. but that didn't make sense. they might have had a security breach. >> reporter: the company denied a security breach but issues alerts like this, admitting that consumers have been victims of fraud. payout to consumers have quadrupled. home away declined an on camera interview but said the instances that result in traveler loss occur less than 1% of the time. >> what they don't tell you is how many other cases are reported. >> reporter: he believes not all instances of phishing and lost money, it's difficult to target how much is lost. >> it's a great market to go after because you're dealing with large sums of money.
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>> 440 a night for a week is a lot of money. and if somebody can get half of that in a wire in 12 hours, they're good. >> reporter: and that's why victims like helen want a rental marketplace that mediates communication and the transactions between both parties. >> i went back on vrb, i don't know how i would have to prevent it. vrbo would have to do something. >> reporter: the company says it is doing something. recently it launched an internal messaging system so that people can communicate by the site instead of e-mail. call instead of e-mail, pay with a credit card. and if it's too good to be true, it lobly is. despite the security threats. each victim said they would probably go back on the website because they have a great product. >> the last woman said she doesn't know what she would have done differently.
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do you have a tip for our investigative unit? give us a call or send us a message. i have a tip that we've got rain coming up. >> can you confirm that? >> i'm going to check right now with rob mayeda. >> tomorrow morning, it's fog that is really the only concern. patchy low clouds in san francisco. i think towards santa rosa, you will see visibilities less than a mile. right now it's gilroy. and on the coast you're seeing patchy fog. some of our your land valleys will see patchy fog. another warm day as we head through the day tomorrow. right now, no rain on the radar view, but a very active view in the pacific as that storm system that was sitting way off shore, notice it's getting closer to t the coast. the ridge of high pressure will bring us one more day of 60s and
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70s will move off toward the east and open the runway for these weather systems to come on flying in. the first one bringing us periods of rain with gusty winds and another system to follow on friday that still looks to bring us the heavier amounts of rain. so during the day wednesday, the rain will be increasing. winds picking up out of the south. as you can see, the bull's eye across the bay area. friday's a different story. you have the energy toward the south. santa cruz mountains, that will be the big punch. it looks very messy around the bay area for your saturday and sunday. skies try to cheer on out lear . the rain totals have actually come down a little bit. that friday system moving quickly. but the totals start to add up as you get into friday and saturday morning. now you're looking at one to two
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inches in the north bay, and getting about an inch or so for san jose by the time we add everything up. but the wind is going to be part of the story too. wind gusts up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. and on friday, could get gusts up to 45 miles per hour. but tomorrow is going to feel like spring. 70s for san jose and the south bay. mid to upper 60s around the peninsula. highs near 70 around napa and sausalito. the temperature trend is changing. 70s on your monday. tuesday you're cooling off with more clouds and by the time you get into wednesday, 50s and 60s for your highs. big shift coming up. we've got a full plate of sports. right? >> absolutely. sometimes sundays are a slow day for sports, but that's
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definitely not the case tonight. we'll hear from giant's skipper, and we have news from the 49ers, but first we take a closer look at jason collins' game where he's become the first openly gay basketball player to play in the nba. that's next from the sports desk. every day i spend three hours on weights.
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as you saw earlier on the show, it was a landmark day for the nba and professional sports in the united states as jason collins became the first openly gay player to play a game in the nba. and we've got the highlights. let's get to the action at the staples center. there's colins getting ready. second quarter. he made his debut. and he received a very warm welcome from the fans in l.a. collins tips it out and mr. paul pierce hits a three. collins, two rebounds and a steal in 11 minutes. net win 108-102. photo day for the giants. lincecum was sporting a mustache, uh-huh. and while it was mostly smiles,
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giants' manger discussed the injuries of the ailing angel ba guan and scutaro. >> it's a day too day thi day t. he did some stuff on the back field today. he will continue that this next week. from baseball to the nfl. it is report thad cleveland browns owner has confirmed his organization did engage in discussions with the 49ers about possibly trading for head coach jim harbaugh. he says quote, there was an opportunity there and it didn't materialize. by the way, harbaugh called the claim ridiculous. time to go racing at the daytona 500.
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38 laps in before rain came and took over. you know six hours this race was delayed. however, they would eventually get to action. that's when danica patrick gets taken out in a 12-car wreck with 53 laps to go. final lap was more wrecks, but it was dale earnhardt junior who would take the checkered flag. it's the second time dale junior has won the daytona 500. jason day taking on the frenchman. the frenchman makes an unlikely shot. he says ha, ha, hey. by the way, day says huh, uh, uh. he wins his first world golf challenge. that will do it for sports.
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i told you, a busy, busy night for sports. >> i did not know you spoke french. >> the sound effects were fantastic. >> wee, wee. >> we'll be back. dear future olympian, one day you will be standing on and here's exactly how you'll get there. you'll work hard and you'll fall hard. you'll lose sometimes when you really should have won. you'll win sometimes when no one thought you had a shot. and you'll never, ever stop.
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we know this. because you're one of us. at citi, we believe in everyone's potential, which is why citi and evan are giving back to community sports programs to help fiuture athletes every step of the way.
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this just in to our newsroom. police are on the scene of an accident involving an amtrak train and a car in fremont. it happened in the centerville neighborhood a few blocks from thornton avenue. paramedics rushed two people to the hospital. authoritying have not released their condition. and of course we will have more on this in today in the bay at 4:30. the tonight show will be back in its normal time spot. meyers is making the same transition that gemjimmy fallon
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did. it's a change of pace for meyers. >> you get to be fluid, because of how often you have to do it. >> and to help him kick off the show, there he is. fellow snl alum, amy poehler. a it airs at 12:35 right here on nbc bay area. we're looking at highs tomorrow that will be climbing into the 70s, but let's talk about the rain. we'll see it come in during the day wednesday. winds up to 35 miles per hour. and the main event right there on friday. that's good news. central coast finally getting in the action with state-wide rain. >> thank you very much. thanks for watching nbc bay area news. >> have a good night. see you next weekend.
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♪ 16 days ago, the 22nd olympic winter games officially opened at this stadium in olympic park. tonight the formal close of these games and a ceremony that promises the usual pageanttry and party. culminating with the extinguishing of the olympic flame. hi, again, everyone, bob costas on this, the final night of the sochi olympics. as we said, coming up, the closing ceremonies, before we take you there, we'll take you


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